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Fill out an application and post here to become a potential member! **Guests are free to read this forum but must register to post**
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  • Be sure that you are aware of the fact that joining the 29th means some commitment. We have two weekly trainings every Thursday at 19:00 GMT/BST and Saturday at 20:00 GMT/BST, one event every Sunday at 19:00 GMT/BST and few matches on week ends. They usually last about an hour and we appreciate if you try to join as many of these as you can.
  • Please note that the 29th has recently switched to BG3, however it is currently in early acces beta. You will get help with configuration of the game once your application has been accepted.
You can check at what time the events are in your local time here :
Select London as the first city and the city you live in as the second.

How to apply for the 29th
  • Fill in the template in #application section
  • Wait for an member of the 29th to respond to your application.